New Song! :D

2013-09-23 18:36:33 by Pitfall

Hey everyone!

For some reason newgrounds is rejecting yet another 7 min long song, so go check it out on soundcloud! :D

Thanks again for all the support, I always love to here what people have to say about my stuff, it's really helped me improve so much and I'm very grateful! :)

Don't forget to drop a comment here or on soundcloud!

New Song! :D


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2013-09-23 19:54:53

Nice work. You manage to get such a big, satisfying sound. Is "chiprock" a thing?

(Updated ) Pitfall responds:

Join us in the revolution


2013-09-24 12:05:45

Filesize issue? It sounds good!

Pitfall responds:

Nope! It wont even try to load it. ._. The file was small enough though.

And thanks :D


2013-10-04 18:55:38

Awesome as always! Keep up the good work!

Pitfall responds: