Riding My Bike Video Game Song
Sticker Paper Video Game Song

2016 Submissions

HYPER Video Game Loop
Memory Dump House Song
Star Hoppers House Song
Power Trip Video Game Song
Smallest Crater on the Moon Video Game Song
Biggest Crater on the Moon Video Game Song
Interstellar Adulation ★ Drum N Bass Song
Heading Home Video Game Song
Interlude (Heading Home) Video Game Song
I Saw Aliens on a Roof Chipstep Song
Yacht Odyssey Video Game Song
Bubblegum Backwash Chipstep Song
Tiny Rocket House Song
Soda Pop Chipstep Song
Sulfur Dubstep Song
Factory Video Game Loop
Burning Desert Chipstep Song
Final Frontier Video Game Song
Brewing (prev) Dubstep Song

2013 Submissions

Dream Eater Ambient Song
Final Boss - Part II Video Game Loop
Nitro!!! Video Game Loop
Toxic Industrial Loop
Snowfall Video Game Song
Game Over Video Game Loop
Chaos Chipstep Loop
Snake Pit Chipstep Loop
Cpu_Playr Dubstep Loop
Victory Dance Video Game Loop
Pluto Chipstep Song
Pitfall - Firend Techno Song
Pitfall - Final Boss Video Game Loop
8-Bit o' Jazz (Hands) Video Game Song
Pitfall - Leviathan Chipstep Song
Pitfall - Organ Doner Techno Song
Pitfall - StormingACastle Dubstep Loop
Tastatur Extremistischen Video Game Loop
Pitfall - Schizo Shunt Video Game Song
Pitfall - The Steel Diver Video Game Song
Pitfall - VXR9005 Video Game Loop
Let the Games Begin! Video Game Loop
Chip Heaven vs. Chip Hell Video Game Loop
Ninja Man:Enter The Blade Drum N Bass Loop
The Contents of My Head Video Game Song
Arabian Knights Techno Song
Monster Party!!! Dance Song
8-Bit Grit Video Game Song
World 1 (Extended Version) Video Game Song
Ninja Man Trance Loop
Ice Cold Organ Rock Techno Song
Rave Time in Seattle Drum N Bass Song
Bot Arena 3 Tribute Techno Loop